Naturopathic Clinic Calgary
Calgary: 1104 10 St SW Phone: (403) 640-4325
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Dr Heald is taking preventative medicine to the next level! She is working in Silicon Valley to develop a wellness platform driven by Artificial Intelligence, focusing on the metabolism of the microbiome and it's interaction with the human host! She will continue to serve her existing clients in Calgary on intermittent weekends. Please click here to schedule your next visit. The address for visits is 1104 – 10th Street SW in the beltline. Existing clients may book online! Fresh Medicine will continue to provide a wide spectrum of treatments and diagnostic lab services, to assist Dr. Heald in determining and treating the cause of symptoms, instead of merely masking them. As each person’s genetics and environment are different, treatment plans are very individual. We invite you to browse the website to learn more about naturopathic and functional medicine, and the role you play in your quality of life going forward! We hope to introduce you to a new kind of health care experience.